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Vaxication Trip Planning with Nikhil Aitharaju

If you’ve ever been part of planning a group trip, you know it can quickly suck the joy out of your upcoming vacation. Nikhil Aitharaju of Topic shares a business idea to make vacation planning more collaborative.

Creating a LinkedIn Killer with Jeremy Chatelaine

New social platforms are popping up like flies, but the professional networking niche has become dated. Jeremy Chatelaine of Quickmail.io chats with us about disrupting industry behemoths, when to pivot, and the future of crypto.

Look up in the sky! It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s a Fun Travel App with Jeremy Parker

Airlines are bleeding cash right now. While we don’t exactly feel sorry for them, there’s a huge opportunity to get ahead of the post-Covid travel boom. Jeremy Parker of Swag.com shares a fun business idea that gets people thinking about flying.

Podcast in a Box for High-End Clients with Sani Abdul-Jabbar

Podcasting is growing like wildfire yet there are plenty of influential people intimidated by the process of starting a podcast. Sani Abdul-Jabbar shares a business idea to create a podcast in a box service.

Cornering Rural Tourism for City Folks with Dominic Monkhouse

In this era of endless screentime, people are craving a return to nature. Dominic Monkhouse shares a business idea that offers meaningful country living experiences to city folk.

Crowdsource Reviews and Get Paid by Amazon with Chris Dickey

Consumer products are reviewed everywhere, but by an unorganized mass of content creators. But no independent site soliciting product reviews has taken hold on a large scale. Listen to Chris Dickey describe how and why we can change that.

Own Your Social Media Distribution with Josh Howarth

Social networks are great for getting exposure to your brand, but followers are reliant on their algorithms to see your content. That’s one reason email marketing is so valuable. Josh Howarth of Exploding Topics shares a business idea that transforms social media content into newsletters, helping content creators own their distribution channels.

Addressing Climate Change using the Blockchain with Tristan Pollock

We’re nearly at the point of no return with climate change. Tristan Pollock of CTO.ai shares a business idea to reduce CO2 emissions by leveraging blockchain tech.

Flying Cars, But For Real with Daniel Gallancy

We’ve been prototyping flying cars for decades but is it finally their time? Could be, given tech advances in batteries and autonomous flight. Daniel Gallancy of Atakama shares serious ideas for making a crazy idea real.

Helping the 92% Who Don’t Achieve Goals with Barnaby Lashbrooke

There are hundreds of goal setting apps available, but 92% of people still fail to achieve their goals. Barnaby Lashbrooke (founder of Time Etc.) shares why there is still room in this market and how we would approach it.

A sweaty startup you can copy in your town

Plenty of high quality wood is ending up in landfills or wood chippers. William Warren and Michael Toret riff with us on a business idea to capitalize on wasted wood, turning trash into treasure.

Getting Ahead of a Post-COVID Boom with Matt Wilson

It becomes much harder to be a digital nomad when you have a family. Listen to Matt Wilson describe a business idea that makes it easy for remote-working families to hit the ground running in their new work location.

Can You Make Millions on Meeting Notes? with Tyler King

Everyone has attended terrible meetings. The worst part: people don’t remember what was discussed, wasting attendees’ time! Listen to Tyler King describe a business idea that makes it super easy to take meeting notes.

Aggregating the $9 Billion Micro-Mobility Industry with Ola Sars

It’s frustrating to have to download multiple apps to rent an electric scooter. Listen as we discuss a business idea that allows users to rent any platform’s scooter from within one app.

A Platform for the Borrower's Economy with Ryan Frederick

What if you could make money from the stuff lying around your house that you're not using? Ryan Frederick brings an idea for an app that would facilitate a community of lenders and borrowers of "stuff."

YC Alum Shares Three Business Ideas for 2021

YC Alum and Founder of Indie Hackers, Courtland Allen maintains one of the best pulses on business trends and opportunities. Listen to Courtland share three business ideas that are ready to launch in 2021.

Audio-Driven Workouts with Colin McIntosh

It’s tough to come up with and follow exercise routines by yourself. YouTube and Instagram videos aren’t good solutions. Listen to Colin McIntosh describe a business idea to create a workout-centered podcast platform. If you like the show, please leave a review on Apple Podcasts!

Is The Next Shopify A SaaS Boilerplate Service?

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies spend ~30% of developer time on common problems like user account management. Listen to George Deglin describe an idea to build a Shopify-like platform for SaaS businesses.

Fixing Homelessness From the Private Sector with Calvin Correli

150 million people are homeless worldwide. Calvin Correli believes that we can’t rely on the government to address this problem. What would a private sector solution to homelessness look like?

Split-testing SaaS Pricing with Ben Orenstein

SaaS operators would often rather work on product than mess with pricing. Who wants to risk alienating customers? Ben Orenstein describes how a 3rd-party consultant could solve the pain of price optimization.

Measuring the ROI of Hiring Funnels with Aline Lerner

Most businesses under-invest in optimizing their hiring funnel, resulting in lost productivity and money. Listen to Aline Lerner describe a business idea that treats the hiring process with the analytical attention it deserves.

Smart Face Masks - Way Beyond Air Quality

Even before the pandemic, face masks were commonplace in some polluted Asian cities. Moe Abbas doesn’t think they’ll be going away anytime soon, and has a business idea that implements wearable tech to dramatically improve the experience for wearers.

Ethically-Made Diamonds and High-End Escorts

For decades Da Beers had us all fooled, but these days consumers are looking for responsibly sourced products and products that have a social mission. Not only are lab-created diamonds a fraction of the price of natural diamonds, they have less baggage and are more sustainable. Hey, we all got on board with vegan leather--synthetic diamonds could be the next luxury item ripe for a rebrand.

DuoLingo for Management & Leadership Training

75% of employees consider their direct manager to be the “worst part of their job," and the majority of employees who leave cite their manager as the reason why. Listen to Angela Ferrante describe a B2B business idea that helps managers get better.

How a Mom Can Start an Online Business

Many aspiring entrepreneurs are doomed to fail because they don’t really understand what they want. Joe Apfelbaum (CEO of Ajax Union) shares a framework for creating a successful (Amazon) business.

Digitize Identities with Ryan Coon

Identity theft and fraud cost the economy $25 billion per year. Listen to Ryan Coon describe a business idea that unanonymizes digital identities.

[Inside the Business] with Lindsay Gabbard and Alessandro Pepe

Restaurants have been hit hard during COVID-19. Listen to us brainstorm ways Lindsay and Alessandro can leverage their wine club and community to support their workforce and recover lost income.

A Tell-All Episode with Chris and Eathan

Chris and Eathan reveal a special announcement and then get into Chris's personal finances, Eathan's obnoxiously well-bodied hair, and the future of Run With It and startups in general.

Actual Recycling with Dmitry Dragilev

China has stopped taking our “dirty” recycling, and now 15-20% of material collected in recycling ends up in landfills. Listen to Dmitry Dragilev describe a business idea to actually recycle recyclables.

Gamify Review-Generation with JB Kellogg

Reviews can make or break small businesses, but most customers don’t care to give them and most employees don’t work hard to get them. Listen to JB Kellogg describe a business idea to create a gamify review generation. P.S. If you like the show, please leave a review on Apple Podcasts!

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