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A Short Message From Us

Tune in for a quick message from us.

Chris and Eathan Get Personal

In this episode Chris and Eathan get personal about what's going on in their family lives, their business lives, and their podcast lives.

Landfill Mining with Aaron Nesser

It seems like we’re already living in a dystopian future so shouldn’t we start businesses that better reflect that? Today’s guest brings us an idea for reducing waste in a way that is good for the earth, good for business and good for our future selves.

A Run With It Listener Puts Chris and Eathan to the Test with Janne Tamminen

Today's episode is a little different. A few weeks ago, a Run With It listener reached out to tell us that he's actually running the exact business that one of our previous guests pitched. The idea was a live music venue streaming platform. We invited him on to find out how right (or wrong) we were in our estimations of launching a business like this.

Create a Marketplace for Business Acquirers and Operators with Michael Bereslavsky

Investors are eager to acquire profitable online businesses, but often don’t have the operational chops to keep them afloat, much less grow them. Michael Bereslavsky of Domain Magnate shares a business idea that pairs investors with competent operators.

Automated Book Writing with Kenny Gould

Surprisingly, AI has gotten good enough to write much of the content you read online. Everything from sports blurbs to sci-fi books has been partially written by AI. Kenny Gould of Hop Culture shares a business idea that helps create the next generation of writers.

Opening the Door to Enterprise Sales with Clint Lotz

A surprising percentage of people don’t know how to use video calling software. Clint Lotz of TrackStar.ai shares a business idea that gets you in the door for enterprise training, coaching, and software development.

A Boutique Accessibility Hotel with Lillian Rafson

Today's guest, Lillian Rafson, has uncovered a completely unaddressed market in her experience running a very unique travel agency: a travel experience catered to persons with disabilities. In this episode, Lillian makes a compelling case for the need for such solution and why access to elevators and other ADA requirements isn't enough.

Headspace Meets Peloton for Parental Well-Being with Dan Burcaw

Parenting is a secure market! Over 3.5 million births in the US and 140 million worldwide will continue each year. Dan Burcaw brings an idea to make all those new parents lives a lot easier (without needing to buy a $1,500 bassinet).

A Social Media Analytics Tool with Dave Chesson

There are over 3 million “influencers” on across the different social media platforms. That’s 3 million people who really care about who unfollows them because of something they posted. What if there was a tool that could give them insights to optimize their content for growth?

One Inbox to Rule Them All with Guillaume Moubeche

Sales has become a multichannel activity, but software hasn’t kept up. In particular, time and leads are wasted managing messages from multiple inboxes. Guillaume Moubeche of lemlist shares a business idea to build a centralized, multichannel inbox for sales teams.

Window Washing Drones with Neel Parekh

It’s 2021 and people are still standing on scaffolding 10s of stories in the air, washing windows. Neel Parekh of MaidThis presents the opportunities and challenges of starting a drone window washing business.

The Free School for Next Gen Entrepreneurs with John Vitti

The modern education system does a terrible job of encouraging entrepreneurship. On today’s episode, we speak with John Vitti of Versus Game. We unpack alternative educational approaches ranging from Thiel Fellowships to Montessori schools, and come up with a brilliant entry point for finding and helping entrepreneurially-minded high schoolers.

Making the Hotel Check-in Experience Not Sucky with Bryan Clayton

Checking into a hotel is a frustrating, slow process that has a huge (50%!) impact on guest satisfaction. Bryan Clayton of GreenPal shares how to create a business helping hotels improve the check-in experience.

Digital Estate Planning with Jeff Kelley and Josh Kriger

~20% of Bitcoin has already been lost, never to be recovered again (over $200 billion worth). This problem will only get worse as crypto holders die without ensuring their loved ones can access their digital assets. Jeff Kelley and Josh Kriger, co-founders of Territory Foods and co-hosts of the Edge of NFT podcast share ideas on digital estate planning.

Adding Transparency to U.S. Political Fundraising with Nicole Loftus

Politicians have tremendous leeway in how they use donations, with some spending money on things like ski vacations. Nicole Loftus of SkinX describes how to make political spending more transparent.

Build a Shopify App (It's that Easy) with Chase Clymer

E-commerce sales are skyrocketing, led by Shopify. The core app leaves much to be desired, however. Chase Clymer of Electric Eye joins us to discuss the massive opportunity available in the Shopify app ecosystem.

Vaxication Trip Planning with Nikhil Aitharaju

If you’ve ever been part of planning a group trip, you know it can quickly suck the joy out of your upcoming vacation. Nikhil Aitharaju of Topic shares a business idea to make vacation planning more collaborative.

Creating a LinkedIn Killer with Jeremy Chatelaine

New social platforms are popping up like flies, but the professional networking niche has become dated. Jeremy Chatelaine of Quickmail.io chats with us about disrupting industry behemoths, when to pivot, and the future of crypto.

Look up in the sky! It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s a Fun Travel App with Jeremy Parker

Airlines are bleeding cash right now. While we don’t exactly feel sorry for them, there’s a huge opportunity to get ahead of the post-Covid travel boom. Jeremy Parker of Swag.com shares a fun business idea that gets people thinking about flying.

Podcast in a Box for High-End Clients with Sani Abdul-Jabbar

Podcasting is growing like wildfire yet there are plenty of influential people intimidated by the process of starting a podcast. Sani Abdul-Jabbar shares a business idea to create a podcast in a box service.

Cornering Rural Tourism for City Folks with Dominic Monkhouse

In this era of endless screentime, people are craving a return to nature. Dominic Monkhouse shares a business idea that offers meaningful country living experiences to city folk.

Crowdsource Reviews and Get Paid by Amazon with Chris Dickey

Consumer products are reviewed everywhere, but by an unorganized mass of content creators. But no independent site soliciting product reviews has taken hold on a large scale. Listen to Chris Dickey describe how and why we can change that.

Own Your Social Media Distribution with Josh Howarth

Social networks are great for getting exposure to your brand, but followers are reliant on their algorithms to see your content. That’s one reason email marketing is so valuable. Josh Howarth of Exploding Topics shares a business idea that transforms social media content into newsletters, helping content creators own their distribution channels.

Addressing Climate Change using the Blockchain with Tristan Pollock

We’re nearly at the point of no return with climate change. Tristan Pollock of CTO.ai shares a business idea to reduce CO2 emissions by leveraging blockchain tech.

Flying Cars, But For Real with Daniel Gallancy

We’ve been prototyping flying cars for decades but is it finally their time? Could be, given tech advances in batteries and autonomous flight. Daniel Gallancy of Atakama shares serious ideas for making a crazy idea real.

Helping the 92% Who Don’t Achieve Goals with Barnaby Lashbrooke

There are hundreds of goal setting apps available, but 92% of people still fail to achieve their goals. Barnaby Lashbrooke (founder of Time Etc.) shares why there is still room in this market and how we would approach it.

A sweaty startup you can copy in your town

Plenty of high quality wood is ending up in landfills or wood chippers. William Warren and Michael Toret riff with us on a business idea to capitalize on wasted wood, turning trash into treasure.

Getting Ahead of a Post-COVID Boom with Matt Wilson

It becomes much harder to be a digital nomad when you have a family. Listen to Matt Wilson describe a business idea that makes it easy for remote-working families to hit the ground running in their new work location.

Can You Make Millions on Meeting Notes? with Tyler King

Everyone has attended terrible meetings. The worst part: people don’t remember what was discussed, wasting attendees’ time! Listen to Tyler King describe a business idea that makes it super easy to take meeting notes.

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