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[UPDATE] Translating Medical Lingo with Shuhan He and Josh Calvano

In episode 4, Shuhan He outlined a problem that leads to physician burnout and poor information for patients. Josh Calvano liked Shuhan’s idea and ran with it. Listen to Josh describe what happened.

Fun Money Management and Impact With Anthony Sarandrea

If you’re checking your bank account at the bar before your next drink you’ve probably already lost the personal finance battle. Listen to Anthony Sarandrea describe a business idea to override our personal finance shortfalls.

[UPDATE] Lessons from 4 of Our Top Episodes Thus Far

After publishing 32 episodes of business ideas from successful entrepreneurs, several themes have emerged. Listen to Chris and Eathan muse about the nuggets that have most stuck out.

Better Hiring through Software with Dane Maxwell

Hiring the wrong employees costs thousands in wages, time, and team productivity. Listen to Dane Maxwell detail a business idea that helps employers attract better employees in less time.

Hyper-Local Online Business Directory with Henry Lopez

Google, Yelp, and Facebook aren’t doing anything special to help you support local businesses. Listen to Henry share an idea to enrich local communities through a hyper-local online directory.

Accessing Hidden Spiritual Knowledge with Manuj Aggarwal

Many obstacles we face aren’t solved by an obvious practical solution, but instead require mental and spiritual inner development. But the best spiritual mentors are often under the radar. Listen while Manuj explains a business idea that makes powerful spiritual wisdom more accessible.

Extracting Pain from Dentists with David Cristello

You need an idea to start a successful business, right? David Cristello doesn’t think so. Listen to him share how he would pull the pain out of dentists and create a business around it.

Dropping the Recidivism Rate to <9% with Zachary Babcock

The recidivism rate in US prisons is among the world's highest. Yet if ex-cons get a better start, everybody wins. Listen to Zachary Babcock share a business idea that reduces recidivism while creating new employees with strong character and work ethic.

Starting a Board Game Cafe with Melissa Villanueva and Angelo Sepulveda

Playing board games is a great way to connect with old friends and make new ones. Listen to Melissa and Angelo share how to start a board game cafe, given the lessons they learned in building a successful group of coffee shops.

Smart Home Installation and More with Mehdi Kajbaf

Smart home tech is growing fast and there’s an opportunity to grow along with it as an entrepreneur. Listen to Mehdi Kajbaf describe a business idea to implement this technology for others.

Energy Audits for Tech Companies with Justin Jackson

Increasingly, tech founders are considering the impact of their businesses on the planet. Listen to Justin Jackson describe a business idea that helps them take some meaningful action to reduce emissions and track results.

Crowdsourced Content Creation with Mike Volkin

Great content requires many specialists: editors, grammarians etc. Working asynchronously, they waste a ton of energy. Mike Volkin describes a business that allows them to contribute simultaneously, getting the job done faster, better, and cheaper.

Shedding Light on a Dark Topic with Jules Schroeder

Successful people are not immune to depression, but we don’t usually get to hear that side of their story. Listen to Jules Schroeder describe a business idea that sheds light on mental health issues facing people you look up to.

A More Excellent Open Mic for Musicians with Arthur Revechkis

There are plenty of dive bar open mics for musicians, but is there a better approach? Is it time to implement great technology and raise the bar? Listen to Arthur Revechkis describe a business idea to help foster the development of next-generation talent.

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