Addressing Climate Change using the Blockchain with Tristan Pollock

We’re nearly at the point of no return with climate change. Tristan Pollock of shares a business idea to reduce CO2 emissions by leveraging blockchain tech.

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  • Almost half (40-60%) of the overhead is creating and selling carbon offsets is legal compliance, accounting, auditing
  • “The world’s first trillionaire will be made in climate change.” - Chamath Palihapitiya
  • Climate tech investing is growing 5X faster than overall VC from 2013-2019 ($60 billion of early-stage capital)

Action Steps:

  1. Investigate how Nori works and learn from their mistakes
  2. Research the current costs and details involved in carbon credits
  3. Decide on one niche of carbon offsets (e.g. planting trees) and pair that with one industry with easy to measure emissions (e.g. airlines)
  4. Determine the economics around trading climate on the blockchain - what would make people want to do it?
  5. Learn the ropes by contacting businesses potentially interested in offsetting carbon and helping to facilitate as a consultant
  6. Raise an ICO
  7. Get involved in addressing climate change any way you can - it’s a giant problem that will take many smart people to solve


Tristan Pollock is an entrepreneur, founder, and startup investor, among many things and is currently building He has invested 30 million dollars into over 200 startups.

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