Flying Cars, But For Real with Daniel Gallancy

We’ve been prototyping flying cars for decades but is it finally their time? Could be, given tech advances in batteries and autonomous flight. Daniel Gallancy of Atakama shares serious ideas for making a crazy idea real.

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  • You need some protectable “secret sauce” if selling components in a big industry (like flying cars). Otherwise, manufacturers will continually drive down your pricing by forcing you to compete with copycats for their business

  • Creating networking events can launch you from novice to industry expert rapidly and provide a foundation for a powerful business.

Action Steps:

  1. Begin with a profitable strategy that sells shovels to the miners. E.g. start by hosting and organizing flying car conventions so you can meet key players, understand the industry, build your future team and build your future strategy.
  2. Aim high for your first clients. Court wealthy individuals who want to make aspirational purchases.


Daniel H. Gallancy is the CEO of Atakama, a NYC based software company and uses his deep experience with blockchain tech to help companies manage security.

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