Making the Hotel Check-in Experience Not Sucky with Bryan Clayton

Checking into a hotel is a frustrating, slow process that has a huge (50%!) impact on guest satisfaction. Bryan Clayton of GreenPal shares how to create a business helping hotels improve the check-in experience.

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  • Startups like Uber and GreenPal succeeded by giving the common person a top-tier experience

Action Steps:

  1. Get a job as a concierge in a luxury hotel and note the ingredients essential to a smooth, positive and remarkable check in experience
  2. Discover ways to automate the most remarkable check in experiences. You could implement an app that senses location, includes pre recorded audio and video content, and tightly coordinates concierge behaviors.
  3. Partner with some mid range hotels, get paid as a consultant while testing your idea within their ecosystem. Sell them on the fact that customer satisfaction can dramatically be increased with lower wait times: a 5 minute wait to check-in lowers guest satisfaction by 50%
  4. Create a metric like lowering check-in times just 30 seconds and raising customer satisfaction to five stars


Bryan Clayton is CEO and cofounder of GreenPal an online marketplace that connects homeowners with local lawn care professionals. 

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