Podcast in a Box for High-End Clients with Sani Abdul-Jabbar

Podcasting is growing like wildfire yet there are plenty of influential people intimidated by the process of starting a podcast. Sani Abdul-Jabbar shares a business idea to create a podcast in a box service.

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  • Being new to an industry can be an advantage. It allows you to follow a template without getting distracted.

Action Steps:

  1. Target mid- to top-tier writers and offer to create a high-end podcast for them
  2. Court former clients of Book in a Box as your clients and create a success story from one of them.
  3. Contact business organizations like YPO and present lectures on “How to Start a Podcast” and/or become their preferred referral partner
  4. Create a basic DIY version down the line


Sani Abdul-Jabbar is co-founder at VezTek USA an innovation consulting firm that partners with smart entrepreneurs to get great ideas off the ground.

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