Helping the 92% Who Don’t Achieve Goals with Barnaby Lashbrooke

There are hundreds of goal setting apps available, but 92% of people still fail to achieve their goals. Barnaby Lashbrooke (founder of Time Etc.) shares why there is still room in this market and how we would approach it.

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  • We’re again reminded that you don’t need to solve the problem for everyone. Different people will have different goal setting tools & tactics that resonate with them. Helping a small percentage of those struggling with goal setting could still be massively valuable.

Action Steps:

  1. Research habit and goal experts and offer to partner with them on development of a goal achievement app
  2. Pursue the enterprise market: contact sales teams and offer to help them meet their sales quotas for free. Get a case study and charge for the next team.
  3. Start by shadowing one sales team that has sales objectives of $50K+ per month. Ask for a token $50 per month to validate the app value.
  4. After a month or two of noting how objectives get set and achieved and what leads to failure and success, document the systems that seem to help and start to implement them. 
  5. Raise a couple hundred thousand in investment to fund development of your basic app, test and iterate with your existing group and add 4 more.
  6. Raise 1M more and launch to a wider audience within a year or two.


Barnaby Lashbrooke founded Time etc in 2007 with the idea of giving entrepreneurs the help they need to be successful without the cost and hassle of employing a full-time assistant. He is also the author of The Hard Work Myth which uncovers how the world's top entrepreneurs achieve so much, despite working less than the average business owner.

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