Vaxication Trip Planning with Nikhil Aitharaju

If you’ve ever been part of planning a group trip, you know it can quickly suck the joy out of your upcoming vacation. Nikhil Aitharaju of Topic shares a business idea to make vacation planning more collaborative.

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  • If an idea is doomed to fail, it’s best to find that out as soon as possible. You don’t want to get stuck in the uncertain middle ground

Action Steps:

  1. Research what happened to defunct trip planning apps (WorldMate, Google Trips, Kayak Trip Huddle)
  2. Talk with unsatisfied users of TripIt
  3. Create programmatic landing pages for “Napa trip itinerary” etc...


Nikhil Aitharaju is co-founder of Topic, a software which helps writers research and create search optimized content. Their AI analyzes the top results in Google, extracts key topics to cover, and provides an interactive editor to allow writers to grade their work. Topic is great for those writers looking to get actionable suggestions to drive higher traffic and get real results.

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