Opening the Door to Enterprise Sales with Clint Lotz

A surprising percentage of people don’t know how to use video calling software. Clint Lotz of shares a business idea that gets you in the door for enterprise training, coaching, and software development.

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  • If you are entering an industry with long sales cycles, hiring a salesperson with experience and relationships in the industry can move you forward a lot quicker.
  • You can leverage already approved cloud service agreements to short circuit the enterprise sales process

Action Steps:

  1. You have a few avenues to pursue and each has its own first steps;
    1. Start creating your own pre-recorded training content and posting to YouTube
    2. Become a consultant (similar to what Zoom already offers)
    3. Start engaging with larger companies and be willing to endure a longer sales cycle (5-12 months)
  2. Regardless of your starting point, you’ll probably want to ultimately sell services to larger companies and work towards understanding and integrating more deeply with their needs.
  3. Once you are integrating with large companies, focus on beating their existing content. It will need to be less boring than competitors but also make sure that it’s boring enough to fit within company standards.


Clint Lotz is the founder of which Provides Machine Learning Technology to Lenders that Uncovers Future Borrowing Patterns Within Their Existing Data leading them to untapped revenue opportunities.

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