Own Your Social Media Distribution with Josh Howarth

Social networks are great for getting exposure to your brand, but followers are reliant on their algorithms to see your content. That’s one reason email marketing is so valuable. Josh Howarth of Exploding Topics shares a business idea that transforms social media content into newsletters, helping content creators own their distribution channels.

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  • Content creators aren’t satisfied with social media platforms owning their distribution channels

Action Steps:

  1. Partner with a Twitter influencer looking to monetize their brand through email marketing (search for users recommending Mailbrew).
  2. Presell the product to validate it.
  3. Integrate between Twitter and Mailchimp. Look to a service like Mailbrew for inspiration on how to deliver content via email.
  4. Augment your product with add-ons that offer templates and assistance with email marketing.
  5. You might even partner with third party brands and mimic the “dynamic ad insertion” model of podcasts within email.


Josh Howarth is the co-founder of Exploding Topics, an analytics service that surfaces rapidly growing topics before they take off.

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