Automated Book Writing with Kenny Gould

Surprisingly, AI has gotten good enough to write much of the content you read online. Everything from sports blurbs to sci-fi books has been partially written by AI. Kenny Gould of Hop Culture shares a business idea that helps create the next generation of writers.

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  • The next wave in creative domains is often defined by those who master the tech that disrupt what’s already being done

Action Steps:

  1. Start by offering AI services that assist writers in tweaking their content (e.g. “overcome writer’s block!”)
  2. Then offer a contract to some of the best writers for a publishing contract
  3. Optimize not only the writing but also the marketing using AI resources
  4. Eventually transition to offering some content that is entirely AI generated.


Kenny Gould is currently the Creative Director at Next Glass the company that bought his beer-loving culture brand, Hop Culture. He’s currently working on the Untappd Beer Festival at the Padres stadium in San Diego, which will be happening in October 2021.

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