A Social Media Analytics Tool with Dave Chesson

There are over 3 million “influencers” on across the different social media platforms. That’s 3 million people who really care about who unfollows them because of something they posted. What if there was a tool that could give them insights to optimize their content for growth?

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  • Dave's Cardinal Rule: Always Be Adapting (ABA)

Action Steps:

1. Look at user feedback from poorly reviewed competitors in the app store
2. Spend only a few hundred to a few thousand dollars developing a Chrome extension 
3. Collect user feedback
4. Expand to other channels like LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter


Dave Chesson is the founder of Kindlepreneur, which helps authors reach new levels with their book marketing. He created Kindlepreneur as a free resource with the sole goal of giving writers everything they need to take action, and see results.

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