Digital Estate Planning with Jeff Kelley and Josh Kriger

~20% of Bitcoin has already been lost, never to be recovered again (over $200 billion worth). This problem will only get worse as crypto holders die without ensuring their loved ones can access their digital assets. Jeff Kelley and Josh Kriger, co-founders of Territory Foods and co-hosts of the Edge of NFT podcast share ideas on digital estate planning.

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  • Aside from the hype, there are many smart people excited about the practical potential of blockchain and NFTs
  • offers an incredible resource for entrepreneurs
  • There are multi-billion dollar opportunities for companies that help crypto “cross the chasm,” making it more accessible to mainstream audiences

Action Steps:

  1. Get your own crypto security and succession plan in order
  2. Stay up to date on the latest developments in estate planning and password management as it applies to crypto assets
  3. Use a site like to “Ask Your Target Market” about what type of product will serve them best.
  4. Consider a relatively lightweight solution to digital estate planning (e.g. set up smart contracts that automatically distribute assets to your family if you don’t log in every six months)
  5. There could be various niches within this broader category to build businesses in.


Jeff Kelley is a serial entrepreneur, investor, creator, and graduate of West point with a Yale MBA. Josh Kriger is a serial entrepreneur from Boston now staying warm in SoCal who has launched and consulted with businesses across a variety of industries.

Jeff and Josh co-founded Territory Foods, a national ready-to-eat prepared meal delivery company utilizing a unique network of distributed chefs. They also founded Canopy, a sustainability-focused apparel company that connects fans with what they love through collectible interchangeable patches.

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