The Free School for Next Gen Entrepreneurs with John Vitti

The modern education system does a terrible job of encouraging entrepreneurship. On today’s episode, we speak with John Vitti of Versus Game. We unpack alternative educational approaches ranging from Thiel Fellowships to Montessori schools, and come up with a brilliant entry point for finding and helping entrepreneurially-minded high schoolers.

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  • Plant a lot of seeds in the early stages of your business and see what grows. You may be surprised by the results.

Action Steps:

  1. Sell the vision to large companies (think IBM, Google, Amazon) in order to get a sponsorship
  2. Ask school teachers in your area to send you students that that are selling things to their classmates
  3. Recruit entrepreneurs to mentor students, both for pay and as volunteers to test which works best.
  4. Setup opportunities for students to start businesses and learn key lessons, like the nuances of how to fail toward success and how to build a support network of other entrepreneurs.


John Viti is the CEO of VersusGame, a pop-culture gaming app that lets users bet on trending topics. They've granted over 16 million in cash prizes to over 7 million players. VersusGame is a global entertainment pop culture gaming app where users can put money on trending topics about celebrities, pop culture, sports, entertainment, food, and more. This app is the first of its kind to bring power to the masses and allow consumers to capitalize on their knowledge of mainstream culture. Since its launch in 2019, VersusGame has grown significantly, with over $16 Million in cash prizes ($4 Million of that during the “COVID-19 Era”) to more than 7 million players.

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