Window Washing Drones with Neel Parekh

It’s 2021 and people are still standing on scaffolding 10s of stories in the air, washing windows. Neel Parekh of MaidThis presents the opportunities and challenges of starting a drone window washing business.

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  • You can often dominate a local business niche by implementing current marketing and technology (e.g. residential cleaning)
  • People often get excited about new tech (drones, 3D printing, etc…) but their enthusiasm wavers before the breakthrough tech makes a sizable impact on the real world. There’s plenty of opportunity implementing tech from five years ago.

Action Steps:

  1. Contact Lucid Drones and get pricing for leasing one of their cleaning drones
  2. Investigate permitting in your local city
  3. Pre-sell window cleanings to several property managers (they often sign yearly contracts)
  4. Your selling point is that your clients will never have to talk to you again after signing up. You take window cleaning off their plate so they can focus on other things.


Neel Parekh founded MaidThis, which helps short-term rental owners and homeowners meet their cleaning needs quickly, easily and affordably. He also founded MaidThis Franchise, which helps remote owners achieve financial independence via MaidThis.

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