Is The Next Shopify A SaaS Boilerplate Service?

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies spend ~30% of developer time on common problems like user account management. Listen to George Deglin describe an idea to build a Shopify-like platform for SaaS businesses.

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  • If you notice many open-source projects with lots of followers on a single problem, it’s probably a good opportunity; open-source projects are rarely as good as those with commercial resources

Action Steps:

  1. Build a list of SaaS companies using Shopify
  2. Search for Shopify apps that enable SaaS companies to use Shopify; consider buying them to jumpstart your customer base
  3. Contact Venture Capital organizations and pitch them on partnering
  4. Engage with aspiring SaaS founders on sites like Indie Hackers and offer this service with the caveat that you plan to productize it

Follow through on these action steps and email us your results at You'll get exclusive access to a private Facebook group of action takers and one listener will earn a free mentorship call with our guest, and potentially, a business partnership.


George Deglin is Co-Founder & CEO of OneSignal, the most widely used mobile/web engagement platform. With over a decade of experience engineering software products, George was previously CTO for Uversity, a college social networking startup backed by Founders Fund and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

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