Integrated Wealth Management & Tax Strategy with Justin Winter

Small business owners have a hard time finding an accountant who actually optimizes tax strategies. Wealth managers don’t touch taxes with a ten-foot pole. Listen to Justin Winter describe a business idea to integrate wealth management and tax strategies for small business owners.


  • Most of the tax code is there to help citizens save money by incentivizing behaviors that would benefit our society

Action Steps:

  1. Find experts to partner with who are already providing advanced tax strategies for their clients
    1. industry conferences
    2. authors
    3. forums
    4. ask business owners for recommendations
  2. Be willing to pay for high-end tax strategy and accounting specialists on your team
  3. Bootstrap from a simple system that implements simple, cheap, accessible technologies like Asana, Artable, and basic CRMs to create a client flow.
  4. Aim for ~$5-6K annual average customer value
  5. Scale to 100 customers
    1. Run Facebook ads to a landing page offering this service
  6. Raise money (approach VCs and offer 20% for $5 million, for example)

Follow through on these action steps and email us your results at You'll get exclusive access to a private Facebook group of action takers and one listener will earn a free mentorship call with our guest, and potentially, a business partnership.


Justin Winter exited his prior company after growing to $22 million in annual sales to focus on a new problem. Boostopia is an all-in-one support operations platform that unlocks the power of your support data inside your support ticketing system to transform both your team and customer experience.

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