Recession Proof Startup Saturday - Session 4

Session 4 of a four-part series from our March 28 LIVESTREAM, RECESSION PROOF STARTUP SATURDAY

For this event, 8 incredible entrepreneur guests paired up pseudo-randomly and all start from scratch sharing only their mindsets and experiences to co-create some innovative and unshakable project ideas that could beat a recession. We proudly raised over $400 on behalf of the WHO COVID-19 Response Fund in presenting this event.
  • This session features Anthony Sarandrea, Josh Elizetxe, and Anthony Mink

Anthony Sarandrea
Anthony is recognized as one of the top customer generators in the world, specializing in the financial services space, running a team that drives over 1 million customers each year.
Anthony is recognized as one of the top lead generators in the world, running a team that specializes in driving thousands of inbound phone calls daily across a number of verticals including health, finance, legal, and education.
He is consistently featured as one of the top “under 30 year old” entrepreneurs and was featured along side Snapchat’s founder Evan Spiegel as one of the “Entrepreneurs that are changing the world”.

Josh Elizetxe 

Josh Elizetxe is the founder of Snow and an Internet advertising veteran and successful serial entrepreneur. Last year, over 100,000,000 people interacted with websites and brands owned by Josh’s parent company. He serves on the board of the Phoenix Coding Academy and the Fleischer Scholars Program. Josh is a sought-after company advisor and Angel Investor in the software (SaaS), e-commerce, and advertising technology industries. With an uncanny focus on data-driven strategy, his work has resulted in over $1 Billion in proven enterprise value tracked since 2009.

Anthony Mink (Mink)
Anthony the co-founder of Live Bearded. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, hunting and fishing is a way of life and growing a beard is the rule, not the exception. Anthony comes from a long line of beardsmen including his father who has lived bearded for over 30 years!
Anthony has always had a desire to live life on his own terms, to not be confined by the system, or anyone in it so in 2011 he quit his "job" and started his own company so he could fulfill his dream of being his own boss, answering to no one, and traveling the world!
Since Anthony has built and sold 4 successful online companies and has traveled to 41 countries! With a deep passion for business, beards, and brotherhood, is more than just a beard grooming company for Anthony, it’s a passion project and a way of life!

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