Recession Proof Startup Saturday - Session 3

Session 3 of a four-part series from our March 28 LIVESTREAM, RECESSION PROOF STARTUP SATURDAY

For this event, 8 incredible entrepreneur guests paired up pseudo-randomly and all start from scratch sharing only their mindsets and experiences to co-create some innovative and unshakable project ideas that could beat a recession. We proudly raised over $400 on behalf of the WHO COVID-19 Response Fund in presenting this event.
  • This session features David Denny
David Denny is the Co-founder and a Partner at Carpe Diem Developers which is a renewable energy industry leader that provides development services for commercial and utility solar PV projects nationwide. They partner with business leaders, landowners, and utilities to develop and execute profitable solar projects. With over a decade of experience in solar project development, Carpe Diem Developers has the expertise to create projects that generate long term revenue streams and reduce carbon emissions.

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