Lesson Plans as a Product with Rob Fitzpatrick

Organizing and presenting educational content is extremely difficult and usually poorly done. Listen to Rob share a business idea that helps people rapidly become experts in new topics.


  • Have customer discovery conversations in a casual setting to get real feedback; otherwise people will naturally try to placate your ego
  • Design products (including education and workshops) such that attendees are energized at the end, not drained
  • The key to sales is having a more expensive product; selling a $1,000,000 is within an order of magnitude as easy as selling a $1,000 product

Action Steps:

  1. Choose a topic you are interested in and curate a lesson plan
  2. Find educators who are teaching that subject and offer it to them for free
  3. Watch how users respond to the plan and use that feedback to improve it
  4. Fall off your bike
Follow through on these action steps and email us your results at update@runwithit.fm. You'll get exclusive access to a private Facebook group of action takers and one listener will earn a free mentorship call with our guest, and potentially, a business partnership.


Rob Fitzpatrick is an entrepreneur of 13 years (his first business was funded, the rest have been bootstrapped). He's the author of The Mom Test, a book about how to talk to customers and figure out if your business is a good idea. He went through YCombinator in 2007. He describes himself as a techie who eventually learned sales. He currently lives in Barcelona, Spain.

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