[UPDATE] Translating Medical Lingo with Shuhan He and Josh Calvano

In episode 4, Shuhan He outlined a problem that leads to physician burnout and poor information for patients. Josh Calvano liked Shuhan’s idea and ran with it. Listen to Josh describe what happened.


  • Non-linear thinking is critical to entrepreneurship; the path is rarely carved out for you so you need to make connections yourself.
  • Successful entrepreneurs are looking for people to mentor and receive help from; if you take a little bit of action, you can stand out from the crowd.

Action Steps:

  1. If you’re a medical professionals, web developers, or other entities wish to contribute to the goals of DoctorLingo reach out or submit terminology here.
  2. Choose an idea from a previous episode and take one small step!
Do you enjoy this type of episode? What areas of business would you like us to focus on more? Email us at update@runwithit.fm and you may get an on-air callout!


josh (at) doctorlingo.com

Josh Calvano is a third year medical student out of Rocky Vista University in Colorado. Prior to medical school he worked in IT doing end-user support, computer repair, and network administration. He is also currently a second lieutenant in the US Air Force and plans to pursue a career as an Air Force Anesthesiologist upon graduation.

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