Better Hiring through Software with Dane Maxwell

Hiring the wrong employees costs thousands in wages, time, and team productivity. Listen to Dane Maxwell detail a business idea that helps employers attract better employees in less time.


  • The idea is 5% of what makes a business successful; execution is the rest
  • Jeff Bezos was savvy enough to make billions just investing in other companies
  • Find a pain that elicits a visceral response in your customers
  • Learn why some businesses pay some employees to quit
  • Focus on three things when starting a business: your customers’ pain, their ideal outcome, and your mechanism for bridging the gap
  • Craft your prospecting emails envisioning that you are the person reading it.
  • “Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing” - Teddy Roosevelt
  • Be willing to build things that might not work and move on from them if they don’t.

Action Steps:

  1. In summary: Find a clear customer, get them a clear result, and implement a clear mechanism.
  2. Create sales funnels to recruit job candidates as if they were clients. Use landing pages, lead magnets, opt-ins.
  3. After the funnel qualifies them, prospective employees invest in personality tests, such as Kolbe A and Wealth Dynamics (test fees can be refunded if hired).
  4. Create a test that allows you to see how prospects implement a job-related task.
  5. Implement this idea manually. Take on your first client for free. Prove a result with some of their hiring jobs, then move on to clients 2, 3, 4 and 5, increasing your fee.
  6. Invest the majority of your time in client relationships and let the business details be determined by what you learn.
  7. Hire developers to build a saas around the systems that work.

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