Crowdsourced Content Creation with Mike Volkin

Great content requires many specialists: editors, grammarians etc. Working asynchronously, they waste a ton of energy. Mike Volkin describes a business that allows them to contribute simultaneously, getting the job done faster, better, and cheaper.


  • Content is king, and with all of the data and information available, you need a diverse team to create the best content. 
  • Crowdsourcing of content creation could reduce creation time by 70%.
  • Getting media exposure for your project depends on being relevant to current events.
  • Be a problem solver. Most freelancers follow directions very well, but they are not problem solvers. Problem solvers are a rarity. 

Action Steps:

  1. Brainstorm how the workflow is going to go from the writer’s perspective and from the company's perspective.
  2. Determine how the writers will be compensated.
  3. Submit a request for a document to be created in Google docs.
  4. Observe the workflow of the Google doc writers and document it. 
  5. Pitch the “crowdsourcing” of content idea to companies that need content produced.
  6. Use the “crowdsourcing” workflow to create the content needed by companies that you pitched the idea to.
Follow through on these action steps and email us your results at You'll get exclusive access to a private Facebook group of action takers and one listener will earn a free mentorship call with our guest, and potentially, a business partnership.


Mike Volkin is a serial entrepreneur, public speaker, Army veteran, and author of 5 books (one bestseller). He has built and sold 4 companies. As the lead instructor of Freelancer Masterclass, he helps freelancers earn more money and get more freedom.  Mr. Volkin has a tremendous track record of driving company growth and has consulted with over 400 companies.

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